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Many accidents occur if you exclude a malfunction of the car, or a state of affect, be unprepared for situations not discussed with the instructor, or inattention (use of telephone, books, conversations with passengers, etc.). If you have a task on this topic and you have thoughts like "write my research proposal", you can contact the services that provide similar services. This will enrich your research and awareness of this topic.

Summary of original grant’s stated goals (2009, RFP SFYAB):

Generation tXt is a multi-faceted project designed to help young teens and families practice safe driving, specifically by addressing the hazards of texting/emailing while driving.

The project’s goals will be accomplished through culturally appropriate educational and advertising campaigns, concerted efforts to change public policy, and promotion of emerging technology which restricts cell phone use while driving.

Generation tXt will focus on educating 8th and 9th grade students.  These teens are excited about driving; by educating them before they get behind the wheel of a car, they may be less likely to text while driving.

Educational forums will be held in demographically diverse urban settings, incorporating an appealing video, and driving simulators that will allow teens to try driving while texting.

The educational curriculum will be conducted in school settings, driver’s education schools, and community/faith based centers.

Founders: Elena Beene, Sam Bevilacqua, Maurice Colbert, Glade Inhofe, Savannah Nicks, Cameron Richardson, Sahar Shadgoo, Moriah Vanderburg, Carol Bush – Crime Commission, Dr. Nancy Inhofe – OU Health Sciences and Judge Linda Morrissey

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