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Written by ninhofe
Friday, 5 October 2012 08:49
  •  Generation tXt is a grant funded, multi-faceted project designed by teens to help teens and families practice safe driving, specifically by addressing the hazards of texting while driving.
  • Generation tXt was founded in 2009 by eight high school teens who have successfully recruited over 30 new teens from 3 area high schools to continue spreading their message through education, advocacy, community events, original research, and media campaigns.
  • Generation tXt teens educate high school peers who are novice drivers.  These teens are excited, yet still cautious when driving; by educating them before they develop bad habits, they may be less likely to text while driving.  Parental education is also a main component of our program.
  •  Generation tXt teens have been educating audiences in and around Tulsa at least once weekly over the past 4 years; they are invited speakers at area high schools, driver’s education schools, community centers and community events.
  • Generation tXt has been given national recognition by the Department of Transportation and has participated in national conferences on Teen Distracted Driving.
  • Generation tXt continues it’s advocacy efforts in the next legislative session to promote the passage of a law in Oklahoma banning texting while driving for all age drivers.  (Currently 43 states in the U.S. have this law.)

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