Winit! 2012 Summary
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Summary of 2012 Win It!

Generation tXt invited teens from 15 high schools in the Tulsa area to attend the second annual Win It! event. Teens and coordinators advertised in person at all area high schools, showing a brief video, giving free posters, pledge cards and tickets to interested teens. Also, you could prepare a short presentation, and if you have little free time, you can always order custom term paper. Incentives to attend included: award of 3 service hours for various clubs, and prizes (Grand prizes: iPad, Kindle, hybrid bicycle, $200 iTunes gift card; Raffle prizes: various gift cards).

The event took place at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center on Saturday, April 7, 2012.  Two hundred-thirty teens, ages 14-18 years, came to play distracted and impaired task games designed by the GentXt teens.  Examples include:  racing remote control cars with music and noisy peers seated behind the drivers, playing ping pong with and without drunk goggles, playing an original game with oddball facts about cars and driving, taking a challenge to turn their own phone to silent or off in 2 seconds, taking sobriety tests with the head officer of the Tulsa Police Department’s traffic division.  The second half of the event was conducted by ThinkFast Interactive.  Teens formed teams of 4-5 peers and competed in a pop-culture trivia contest.  GentXt had distracted and impaired driving questions embedded in the game.  The energy in the room was fantastic.  The distracted task games and trivia contest were fast-paced.

Teen guests completed surveys, signed our petition for universal ban of texting while driving (to be sent to the Oklahoma legislature) and joined our group.  We had 102 new signatures on the petition, and 110 teens signed up as new members who wish to be emailed and texted about upcoming meetings.  We also recruited 60 teens with permits or graduated driver’s licenses to drive our simulator for our original research study.

VIP guests included Oklahoma State Senator Brian Crain (author of failed 2012 texting bill), Tulsa City Council woman Karen Gilbert, local State Farm officials (our group is primarily grant funded by State Farm Youth Advisory Board, and local State Farm), , Oklahoma Driving School owner Robert Cole, Booker T. Washington High School Principal Furch, Edison High School Assistant Principal Stacy, Booker T. Washington High School Generation tXt Club sponsor Greg Nash.

Media coverage was present: the Tulsa World (local newspaper), and local news stations (KJRH and Fox 23).

Teen Survey results:

88% of teens at the event text to communicate with parents and friends

82% have been in a car when the driver is texting;

40% over all age groups feel they have been put in danger when the driver was texting; 53% of the older teens (17-18) said they had been put in danger when driver was texting

83% said they learned something about driving more safely (1.8% said they did not learn something, 9% were not sure, and 5% did not answer the question)

Top 3 reasons for enjoying the event:

1. ThinkFast trivia contest

2.  Lots of prizes

3.  Service hours

Top 3 game booths:

1. Fact or Crap (oddball facts)

2.  Walk This Way (sobriety test by police officer)

3. Ping Pong (with drunk goggles)

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