Some thoughts on Cell Phone Blocker Technology
Last Updated on Friday, 30 November 2012 12:50
Written by ninhofe
Friday, 30 November 2012 12:36

Novemeber 12, 2012 Gentxt post.   Written by Kyle DeFord and Cole Inhofe

Can’t stop texting while driving? These apps were made to help you do so. It is worth noting that the use of the phone is a daily and familiar thing for us. With the development of technology in this area, they replace many devices and therefore, using the phone can save both time and material life. However, we can not ignore the fact that its use can be harmful: in our case, low concentration behind the wheel. You can order essay and learn more about it from scientific sources and comparisons.

DriveScribe: Parents of the driver can opt to be informed of any violations by email or text. The app also blocks all texts and phone calls while the car is moving.

DriveMode: You can set-up auto-replies to texts, emails and wireless phone calls to let people know you’re on the road and will get back to them.

Drive Alive: This app reads you’re text messages to you and allows you to respond back to that person by speaking. This app also gives you credits to get discounts on items from certain stores and chances to win cash prizes to your PayPal account for not using your phone while driving.

These are just a few apps of the apps out there that you can use to stop texting while driving.

The GentXt team will be using these apps and reporting back with more feedback.

Click on this link for a review of the cell phone blocker options from David Pogue of the Technology section of the NYTimes:

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